Ștefan Onisa

Scouting Coordinator

Talent scout, born in 1967 from an early age, he loves the world of football in which he is also the protagonist of a good career as a player in the minor divisions in Romania. He mainly specializes in scouting and begins to collaborate with MTA group career management with great passion, professionalism and a spirit of sacrifice. Always caring the research and selection of players, after a few years he began to focus on the international market, consolidating an excellent professional network of contacts thanks to which his work becomes important for the entire structure.

Zoran Lațchici


Professional Football Scout, born in 1989, with a highly developed intuition a skill that gives the opportunity to know the typology of a footballer not only from a sports point of view, but also if a player has or not a talent for future career.

His passion for football and watching many football games makes him a very good scout, through professional sports activities, observation, analysis and evaluation. He is acting on behalf of the company.

Always demonstrating high standards of integrity, trust and respect.

Ovidiu Tică


Scout, born in 1980, due to its longtime presence in football, he’s developed the ability to establish whether a player has the desired technical attributes to succeed in football.

Football is the foundation on which he built a career he really loves, occupying a dominant landscape in his life.

It has a direct correlation between perseverance and potential.

Fabio Mazzone


Scout, born in 1989, modern and educated football specialist.
Worked in UK elite football Academies as Queens Park Rangers FC and top division Clubs in Cyprus and Lithuania.

Previously also Head of Videoscouting in, Danish football consultancy company.

Currently International Scout for MTA Group Career Management and Technical Director at BE1 National Football Academy.

Alessandro Pipolo



After a discreet career as an amateur footballer he began to deepen and study his football knowledge by obtaining the certificate of official coach of the Real Madrid clinic at the Valdebebas sports center and participating in refresher courses with Celtic and Benfica.

From 2018 to 2022 responsible for the Sampdoria Camp araund in the world project. Predisposition to vision and understanding the qualities/skills of the young footballer.