MTA Group Career Management

   The story begins in 2017 when the agent and intermediary Alessandro Acri, takes advantage of his international experience due to the roles held in prestigious clubs such as Sampdoria, Fiorentina, and Milan, first in the role of international scout and then responsible for the scouting area.
    Putting together the knowledge acquired and the network of relationships refined over time have allowed the creation of this group strongly concentrated in the management and transfer of professional footballers in Italy and abroad.
    MTA group career management has an excellent organization based on professional figures that allow managing all the problems of its own clients, from the organizational aspect to the fiscal, legal, human one.
    Being a reference agency for its own clients, allows them to entrust their professional future, their choices, their image to MTA group career management, both nationally and internationally, all in all, their career during and post activity.

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